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List prywatny numer 18

Napisz list do znajomego/znajomej z Malty na temat przyjęcia, które zorganizowałeś/aś poza domem.
-   Poinformuj, z jakiej okazji odbyło przyjęcie i gdzie je urządziłeś/aś.
-   Napisz, kogo zaprosiłeś/aś i jakie atrakcje przygotowałeś/aś.
-  Wymień potrawy, jakie zostały przygotowane, i przez kogo.
-   Wyraź żal, że znajomy/znajoma nie mógł/mogła uczestniczyć w przyjęciu i wyraź nadzieję, że wkrótce się spotkacie.

Dear James,
   I am writing to tell you about the party I made last week. The school term was over and we decided to celebrate it. We chose my friend’s garden as the place because there are no people there so you can shout and play loud music. I invited everyone to the party: Piotrek, Ania, Wojtek and Marta. Do you remember which Marta? The one with freckles. We took a stereo and a lot of good rock music. The boys made a fire, I bought some sausages, Ania made a delicious cake and Ania’s boyfriend brought forty beers! We danced, laughed, ate and drank. After two hours we no longer listened to the music nor to one another - everybody talked loudly. At about three A.M. we were so tired that we went home.
   I wish you had been there. You would have had fun. I hope you will come to me soon so that we can make another party together.