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List prywatny numer 17

Napisz list do kolegi/koleżanki z Londynu na temat przeprowadzki Twojej rodziny do nowego mieszkania. W liście:
-   podaj powód zmiany miejsca zamieszkania i aktualny adres;
-   poinformuj o wielkości i wyposażeniu nowego mieszkania;
-   napisz o Waszych relacjach z sąsiadami i nowych ciekawych znajomościach:
-  wyraź nadzieję, że kolega/koleżanka będzie mógł/mogła Cię odwie­dzić w nowvm mieszkaniu i zaproponuj termin tych odwiedzin.

Dear Stella,
   I am writing to you mainly because I want to tell you something important. There’s been a change in my life recently. I am no longer available at my old address because we’ve moved to another flat. My father got a raise and now we can afford something bigger. The new flat is much better than the old one. There are four big rooms, a beautiful kitchen, a big bathroom and there’s a balcony. The flat is very sunny, especially in the afternoon. Now I have wireless internet and cable TV. My father has his own garage at last. There’s enough room for all four of us and the dog. We live on the second floor in a quiet district. There are many shops nearby. The people are very friendly here. We have already made friends with some of our new neighbours. For example, Jacek, who lives above us, comes to me every evening with his playstation.
   I hope that one day you will visit me in my new flat. You will have a separate room only for yourself.
   From now on write to me at the address below:
                        ul. Generała Chujewicza 11/22
                        20-123 Gnypowice Wielkie

Please, write back to me and tell me if you want to come in the holidays. I am looking forward to your letter.