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List prywatny numer 15

Właśnie wróciłeś/-aś z wakacji. Napisz list do przyjaciela/przyjaciółki z Anglii i podziel się wrażeniami z wakacji.
-   Przeproś, że tak długo nie pisałeś/-aś i podaj powód.
-   Wspomnij, gdzie spędzałeś/-aś wakacje i w jakim towarzystwie.
-   Napisz, czy były udane i dlaczego tak sądzisz.
-   Wyraź żal, że rok szkolny już się rozpoczął i do następnych wakacji daleko.

Dear Sally,
   I feel a bit ashamed because I haven’t written anything since June. I hope you will forgive me. The reason was simple - I went on holiday and I left your address at home. I promise that from now on I will write to you more often, at least one letter a week.
   As I said, I was on holidays. First I went to Gdańsk with my best friend, Tomek. It is a beautiful city at the seaside in the north of Poland. The weather was great and we practically spent the whole days on the beach. The food was a bit expensive but we rented a very cheap room in a private house.              Then, in August the weather was much worse. I was going to go to the mountains with my new girlfriend but it was cold and it rained all the time, so we went to her family in Ukraine. There we went for long walks and watched television. It was a bit boring but at least I didn’t have to go to school. Unfortunately, now the summer holidays are over and the school term has begun. I will have to wait another ten long months for the next vacation.
   Write back to me and tell me how you are getting on. How did you spend the summer? I am really looking forward to your letter.