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List prywatny numer 1     

Napisz list do kolegi/koleżanki z Anglii, którego/którą wcześniej zaprosiłeś/-aś na wakacje. W liście zawrzyj następujące informacje:
- przeproś, że nie odbierzesz go/jej z dworca/lotniska, podając powód;
- doradź, jakim środkiem transportu dojedzie do Twojego domu i podaj czas podróży;
- zaproponuj przynajmniej dwie formy spędzania czasu podczas pobytu kolegi/koleżanki w Polsce;
- poradź, jakie ubrania i sprzęt powinien/powinna ze sobą zabrać.

Hi Jim,
It’s great that you have accepted my invitation. You write that you are coming to Poland next week on Thursday, but I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, I will not be able to pick you up from the airport then. I have a driving test on Thursday, you know. You will have to get to my house by yourself. Take a bus from the airport to the city centre. Busses 205 and 195 will take you there. It will be about fifteen stops and it will take about an hour. You must get off at Kościuszki Street, near the National Gallery. Then ask somebody for the way to Ogrodowa Street. My house is the second house on the right, you will find it easily, but then you will have to ask my neighbour, Mrs. Kowalska, for the keys. There are three keys: the big, silver one opens the garden gate, the yellow one opens the door to my flat. Forget the small one, which is for the mailbox. Come in and make yourself at home. There is some beer in the fridge. You can have it. Wait for me until about eight.
During your stay in Poland we can visit many interesting places. Take sun lotion with you in case the weather is good. We will swim in the lake and sunbathe then. There is also a beautiful park near my home. Or perhaps you would like to visit museums or go to the opera? No problem.
I also suggest that we visit all our common friends. You can meet them almost every day in the local pub. You should also take a warm sweater in case the weather is bad. We can stay at home then. My brother has a lot of brand new computer games.
I hope you will have a good time here. Have a good journey. Give my regards to your parents. See you next week.

Take care,