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International Language School in Lakefield
Dear Mr. Adams,
I am writing with regard to your reply from 15th February. Thank you for all the details. I inform you that I have finally decided to study in your school. I have chosen the summer evening English language course for advanced learners. I would like to join group III, who begin their classes at five P.M.
   I would also like to make a reservation in your students hostel, in a double room with a bath. I will arrive on 1st July and will stay in the hostel for three months till the end of September.
   Could you, please, answer some further additional questions: do I have to pay the tuition fee in advance? Is it necessary for me to make any deposit? Is it possible to make these payments by bank transfer?
   I enclose photocopies of all the documents required by your school.
   Please, send me the written confirmation whether my application has been accepted. You may also contact me by phone.
I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely,