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International Language School in Lakefield
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing with regard to your advertisement which appeared in our national magazine ‘Wprost’ on the 2nd of  February. I am interested in your offer, particularily in the summer evening language courses for foreign students. I would like to study English in your school. I have been learning English for four years. At the moment I am a student at a High School. In May, however, I am taking my final exams. After that I would like to go to Great Britain to work there and to improve my language skills. My conversational English is quite good now but I still have some problems with grammar and vocabulary. I won the second place in a local language competition. Also I am one of the editors of our school language magazine.
Judging from the information you give on your website I think that your school is the best choice of all language schools.
I would be grateful if you could answer some additional questions: What kind of accomodation do you provide for your students? How much is the tuition fee now? What time do the classes begin? Is there a self-study room and a computer room? Is there a school canteen? Do I have to submit any other documents apart from the application form on your website?
I look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,