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List formalny numer 118

Dear Sir or Madam,
  I am writing to express my dissatisfaction about your product which I bought in your online store. On the first of May I ordered a mobile phone. My order number is: 11002243. Unfortunately, I must complain about some things.
Firstly, the time of shipment was too long. I waited over two weeks for the phone. In my opinion this is too much.
Secondly, the package was badly damaged. The phone was wrapped only in grey paper. The package wasn't secure enough. That's why the phone was damaged, too. The screen broke in the corner.
Thirdly, the USB socket doesn't work. I can't connect the phone to my PC.
I wanted to give the phone to my wife. Lastly, the battery life is too short. The phone is completely unusable.
Because of all these facts, I can't use the phone at all. I strongly demand a full refund of the costs. I hope that you will solve my problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will take legal actions. Please, consider my complaint. I don't want to take you to court for compensation. Exchange my phone for a new one, or you will soon receive a letter from my lawyer. I will not recommend your store to anybody.
Please, reply soon.
Yours faithfully,