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List formalny numer 116

Zakupiona w Warwick w Anglii konsola do gier uległa awarii. W instrukcji obsługi podany został tylko angielski punkt obsługi klienta. Napisz list, w którym:
-wyjaśnisz w jakiej sprawie piszesz,
-poinformujesz jak doszło do awarii,
-zapytasz, w jaki sposób możesz przekazać sprzęt do naprawy,
-poprosisz o podanie przewidywanej długości czasu naprawy serwisowej

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing about my XBOX 360 Premium game console which I purchased in Warwick when I was in England last month. I live and work in Poland, but in the user's manual I found only one English Customer Service Center, that's why I am writing to you. Unfortunately, first the console began to freeze occasionally, only a restart helped. Then I started to experience graphical problems in the middle of gameplay such as checkerboard patterns on the screen. Yesterday three flashing red lights around the power button appeared, and the console is completely unusable. All I can see on the screen is “general hardware failure” message. I feel quite disappointed because I paid good money for the device. I know that the warranty is valid in all Europe.
I have some questions: How can I deliver my XBOX to your Center in order to have it repaired? Via ordinary post, or should I use a special courier service? Who will pay for the postage? How long will I have to wait until I receive my console back? Please, take my letter seriously. The console was a present for my younger brother. I don't want to wait too long. Perhaps you could replace the faulty console with a new one?
Please, reply soon and don't take my request lightly.
Yours Faithfully ---  XYZ